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       TASTY TISTO is a Ukrainian brand, a workshop of homemade products that has begun its journey in 2022.

       The history of the business idea arose in a special and difficult time for the Ukrainian people.
Emigrating during the war, many refugees came to the United States looking for safety for their kids and families. The founders of the workshop had an irresistible desire to spread and preserve Ukrainian culture and support all Ukrainians.
      To date, a large diaspora of Ukrainians has formed in various parts of the USA, who want to taste native and national dishes; to move with thoughts and soul to the native home.
       We also want to share the flavors of Ukrainian cuisine with other communities to taste authentic pierogi.

       Our values:

  • handmade: we are convinced that behind each brand there are specific people who put their soul and life philosophy into what they do.

  • high-quality and fresh products: all our products are made from fresh ingredients without chemicals and flavorings. Our pierogi is a philosophy of how simple products can recreate a whole extravaganza of flavors in your mouth.

  • coordinated production complex and experience: our chefs have more than 30 years of experience behind them, and the advices of ancestors is preserved for generations.

  • real Ukrainian cuisine, proven recipes.

       And the main thing is that we prepare it with real love, that's why it is so tasty.

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